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Dental Crossroads

Introduction - Secrets of Success in Dental Practice

In general, current dental school curricula are weak in teaching and consistently reinforcing behavioral science skills that:

    1. Strengthen interpersonal relationship skills that help graduates better understand themselves and others;
    2. Help graduates develop a life plan for enhanced skills as an individual, an attending dentist, and a team leader;
    3. Develop powerful doctor-family, doctor-patient, doctor-staff, and doctor-community relationships;
    4. Select and train compatible dental team members;
    5. Develop and nurture a balanced personal and professional life; and
    6. Create a practice philosophy that is patient-centered and based on helping patients become motivated to achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

The Project

This project will be offered initially as a selective course. It will consist of webcasts that strengthen our current curriculum.

The Webcast Events

Beginning in Fall 2013, each event will be approximately 45 minutes long, recorded in variable formats such as interviews, audio/video presentations, or on-line practice and evaluation exercises, and available to students and alumni in an on-demand, open course format.

Selected sessions can be used in pre-dental activities such as the Center of Excellence, mentorship, SPEP (Summer Pre-dental Enrichment Program) and career day programs.

The Four Major Sections

Four major sections are planned as listed below, with learning objectives expressed as questions.

    • Prepare yourself
    • Hire and prepare you staff
    • Obtain and retain your patients
    • Develop and maintain an optimal personal/family/community life
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